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Sneak Peek at JSViz 0.2 :: Part 2: Easier DOM Integration

A great suggestion came from Gordon Mohr a few weeks back:

... provide a convenience method for turning any preexisting DOM node into an animated node -- would make setting up a starting arrangement easier

Here it comes Gordon! JSViz 0.2 will enable users to add any DOM element or a clone of any DOM element directly to a graph. This is a big convenience, but be aware that your browser must be able to render the element with absolute positioning. Check out these examples:

Add DOM elements to a Force Directed Graph

Add DOM elements to a Tree Graph

So if you try these examples with Internet Explorer, you'll find that the <td> elements just don't render. Disappointing for me ... I still use tables. Still, I hope these conveniences open up JSViz to those more comfortable working with HTML and CSS

With all of this talk about the DOM, I should point out that JSViz 2.0 will have support for SVG and other display options, too. I'll be in the woods this weekend but I'll work up some examples next week. In the meantime, I'm open to your thoughts. Let me know you think!


Wow, cool! Thanks.

(Those 'other display options' wouldn't happen to be <canvas>-related, would they?)

Gordon, :P Canvas is next on the list!