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Sneak Peek at JSViz 0.2 :: Part 3: Support for SVG

A few weeks ago, Ted Mielczarek contributed code that enabled JSViz to support SVG. SVG renders shapes prettier than the HTML "shapes" I've demonstrated so far. I was especially fond of the rendering of edges in Ted's code.

Scripting SVG is just like scripting the DOM ... In fact it is scripting the DOM, so integration is a breeze. I've updated Ted's code to work with the 0.2 design (I'll post on this shortly) and implemented the "throttle example" from Sneak Peek Part 1. You'll need FireFox 1.5 or an SVG plug-in to see these examples. It's a shame IE7 won't have any built-in support :(.

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Thanks for this contribution Ted!