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Sneak Peek at JSViz 0.2 :: Part 1: Refresh Throttle

I've got a whole bunch of stuff to share and I'm super busy so I'll share bits whenever I can post. This little self-organizing graph project now has a name, JSViz, and a whole new design that I hope will satisfy the OO geeks and new-to-scripting crowds alike. I'm sharing code in this post so you can get a sneak peek. I'll post about the overall design and usage details later. Let's talk about throttles!

New Refresh Throttle for Tree and Force Directed Graphs

No more CPU red-lining while your graph is in a settled state! I've added some rudimentary refresh throttling to the graph engines. In short, the refresh rate is slowed as entropy in the graph decreases. Below are some examples (and some geeky discussion):

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Force Directed Graphs, Performance, and Trees?

This weekend I finally got a chance to go over the wishlist that has been accumulating for the Force Directed Graph libraries I posted about earlier this month. Nearly everyone has asked that I do something about the performance problems, and I have some good news. If you're new to this discussion, check out the earlier postings and comments:

Force Directed Graphs in Javascript?
First Whack at JavaScript Visual Wordnet
Using Force Directed Graphs in Your App

First, a recap

Let's talk briefly about why Force Directed Graph algorithms don't scale very well.

Each node in a graph behaves like a "particle" in space. Some particles have attractive forces between them. These are usually represented as edges on the graph. Every particle has repulsive forces between itself and every other particle. These are the forces that make nodes "avoid" each other while the graph organizes. The combination of these forces on a given node help dictate a new position for the node. Any time a node has changed position, the forces it places on all of the other nodes have changed, so we have to reculate their positions.

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First Whack at JavaScript Visual Wordnet

Here's my first whack at a Visual Wordnet. It's the first application that uses my Force Directed Graph engine for Javascript.

Use Visual Wordnet

Yes ... Javascript. This is an exercise to see if Javascript-driven Force Directed Graphs might be useable in web application user interfaces for search, document navigation, etc. The display uses only the DOM (Document Object Model) with CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) for absolute positioning and ... being pretty.

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