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It's new and improved! JSViz 0.3.1

JSViz 0.3.1 is now available. This release includes many enhancements to Force Directed Graphs and a new, simpler API. A new Tree Graph implementation will be available shortly.

So let's see it in action!

Tomorrow I'll post a tutorial on how to make this demo:

Show Demo

What about the source?

The source is available under a Creative Commons Attribution License. Here are the source files for browsing. I'll provide a single file distribution shortly.

DataGraph.js Defines the nodes and relationships in our model..
ParticleModel.js The physical model used to position particles.
Magnet.js An attractive or repulsive force between particles.
Spring.js A spring force between particles.
Timer.js The animation timer.
EventHandler.js An event handler factory.
HTMLGraphView.js A view of the model constructed with HTML.
SVGGraphView.js A view of the model constructed with SVG.
RungeKuttaIntegrator.js Performs fast and accurate approximation of differential equations.
Control.js A simple template for event handlers in your user interface.


Do you publish the tutorial of how to make this demo? (JSViz 0.3.1)
in your web page it says tomorrow but it look like the last post is from the 12 of October

Where is the DOMFDController or other Controller?

Kyle has made a terrific library here. This saved us heaps of time and effort. Even better, he's made the whole thing free and open source, which is really very generous.

You can see how we've put his library to use at

Yaeli, A tutorial on creating this demo is available here:

Have fun!

yourFan, JSViz 0.3.1 doesn't have a DOMFDController. I had intended for users to work with the components directly, but I've received a lot of request to put these helper classes back in. I'll be releasing an update in the next week or so that introduces "Layout" classes that enable quick implementation of simple graphs while keeping the rest of the 0.3 APIs intact for advanced applications.

Jared, Thanks for sharing! I'm putting up a new project site soon and will include your link in our "JSViz Gallery".

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