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New Dojo2D Enables Cross-Platform Vector Graphics

I'm super excited about the new Dojo2D, available in Dojo 0.4.0, which now enables support for vector graphics in virtually every browser!

They've created an abstraction layer that supports vector graphics implementations in SVG and VML. So this covers:

  • Internet Explorer 5.0+ (VML)
  • Firefox 1.5+ (SVG)
  • Opera 9.0+ (SVG)
  • Safari (current dev builds) (SVG)

Check out these demos (in every browser you can find):


100 Bubbles

The implications of this are huge. Developers and designers can now treat a web page as a 2D canvas and use the familiar DOM event model for user interaction. I'm eager to see what emerges without the constraints of HTML elements, CSS, and their disperate implementations.


It works! Unbelievable.

Exactly my reaction. :P

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