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Webzari Search Visualization by Yahoo! Korea

TechCrunch posted about WebZari, a Flash-based search visualization:

The Yahoo! Korea team has launched a service called Webzari for visualizing the weight of inbound links to any web page and saving the visualization query history in Yahoo!’s social bookmarking service. The interface is in Korean, and it’s not entirely clear how well it works yet, but the basic feature set is discernible and it’s an intriguing thought for the future. The Yahoo! Search team seeks feedback on the project on its blog.

I'm curious if people in Korea are more agreeable to the notion of using a 2D web interface to navigate search results, let alone a Flash-based interface that takes a few seconds to load. In any event, I like this for being fun and outside-the-box. Notice the animated comets and the rocket that follows your cursor, displaying the country-of-origin of each link. Hah!