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Tutorial: Building a Snowflake Graph from XML

I just posted this new tutorial on

JSViz 0.3.3 includes a few examples to help you get started. In this tutorial, I'm going to go over one of them. We'll create a Snowflake Graph from the contents of an XML file. You can find the example source, with comments based on this tutorial in the 0.3.3 Distribution.

Here's the final product

1) Start with a new HTML file

Add appropriate JSViz imports and an empty "init()" function body:

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Modeling Music Recommendations in JavaScript with JSViz

Last week I showed you a tutorial that I put together for The Ajax Experience, where we built a force directed model from the contents of an XML file. Today I'm presenting an example with full source from another tutorial in this talk, where we make a complete, interactive application that models music recommendations using's Similarity API. I'll be covering this example in detail in my talk next week at The AJAX Experience. You may view, download, and modify the source in this example. It's available under a Creative Commons Attribution License.

This application will enable a user to search for music by artist. When the user selects an album, they'll see a graph model reperesenting the album's relationship to similar albums, based on buying history. Here's a screenshot:

Click here to use this example application...

A Note on Aesthetics

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Tutorial: Building a Force Directed Graph from XML

Part of my upcoming talk at The Ajax Experience is, of course, about graph-based data visualizations using JSViz. I've worked up a couple of tutorials using the new JSViz 0.3.1 and I'm sharing abbrieviated versions of them here. Conference attendees should find these posts useful as a recap and additional reference for coding your own apps.

In this first tutorial, we'll introduce the JSViz 0.3.1 API by modeling the contents of an XML file. The model will render in HTML or SVG if it's available. Of course you can take a look at what we're building before we get started:

Screenshot of SVG | Screenshot of HTML | "Live" Example | Hide

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