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A Quick svg2vml Example: Gradients

A couple weeks ago I mentioned the first release of svg2vml, a lightweight library that enables cross platform, JavaScript-driven vector graphics. Here's a quick example where I use svg2vml to create Digg style gradient buttons:

If you're reading from a feed reader that doesn't embed iframes, you'll need to click through to see the example.

Check out the frame source for full details. Notice that the button itself is an HTML DIV and that we use CSS and HTML elements to define and position our text. So it's possible to mix HTML and vector graphics as you see fit.

We're just scratching the surface. svg2vml can do all kinds of cool stuff. Have fun!

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svg2vml Project Announced

Today on the JSViz Blog, Lorien announced svg2vml, a thin translation layer that enables VML capable browsers (Internet Explorer) to display a subset of SVG without any new code.

Checkout the full post for details.